Saturday, January 31, 2009


Some sketches; lots of things I should fix, but eh... One thing, though, is that I should definitely draw smaller. D8


Justin said...

so epic @_@ it's like being kicked in the face by a flying whale shark. the best kind of kick.

Abraham Martinez said...

Janet! these are the coolness. I love all the great detail on the back of the bot. Im gonna link u on my blog.

Gabriele Pasqualino said...

yeahhh =D
post the new one!

Daniel Xiao said...

no no keep drawing big its working :D

Thomas Zenteno said...

I like the sketching style... I agree, working big is different, usually better but its not ideal for coming up with a bunch of concept sketches. Keep it up!

Mark Castanon said... are..... amazing. I saw your drawings in 202 on tuesday, yeah, your amazing.

Are you feeling better? Scott said you were sick on Tuesday.